学术报告:Environmental contaminants – historic and emerging substances of concern

报 告 人:Dr. Susanne Heise

主 持 人:施周教授




Susanne Heise,女,1964年生,德国基尔大学海洋研究所(Institute of Marine Research, University of Kiel)博士,德国汉堡-哈尔堡工业大学(Technical University Hamburg-Harburg)博士后,其博士后合作导师为重金属污染研究领域先驱、国际知名专家Ulrich Förstner教授。现任德国汉堡应用技术大学(Hamburg University of Applied Sciences)生命科学院终身教授,其带领的科研团队(主要研究水环境中污染物的释放、分布以及对环境及生物的毒理效应。Susanne Heise教授发表SCI期刊论文共计90余篇,出版专著5部,论文和专著被引用次数共计达到1038次,其Google学术h指数为19Susanne Heise教授长期为《Water Research, Chemosphere, Ecotoxicology and environmental safety, International Environmental Assessment and Management》等国际知名学术期刊审稿。

Susanne Heise教授于2017年获得湖南省“海外名师”项目资助来湘讲学。


This introductory lecture would give a broad overview over emission, exposure and effects of substances that have been released to the environment over the last decades and still present a problem in many rivers. In addition, emerging substances such as pharmaceuticals, nanomaterial, microplastics etc. have recently been found in many aquatic environments. They have partially been designed for special purposes, their quantity is lower, their effectivity higher, their risk mostly unknown.

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