学术预告:Environmental Geochemistry: principles of pollutant fate and transport, and research priorities

报 告 人:Dr. Andrew Hursthouse

主 持 人:施周教授




Andrew Hursthouse,男,1965年生,英国雷丁大学(University of Reading)地球化学荣誉学士,英国格拉斯哥大学(University of Glasgow博士及博士后。现任英国西苏格兰大学(University of the West of Scotland)科学与运动学院(School of Science & Sport)副院长,生物医学与环境健康研究中心(IBEHR)主任。长期从事污染物的环境地球化学过程、迁移转化规律和降解机理以及对人类健康影响方面的研究工作。2002年当选为英国皇家化学学会会士(Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry)及英国皇家化学学会特许化学家(Chartered Chemist)。2013-2015年任国际环境地球化学与健康学会(SEGH)主席。一直兼任《Environmental Chemistry Letters》副主编,《Environmental Geochemistry & Health》编委以及40余种学术期刊的编委。

Andrew Hursthouse教授于2015年获得中国国家外专局资助,成为2015-2017年度中国高端外国专家2016年入选湖南省百人计划,现受聘为湖南科技大学百人计划特聘教授。


An over view of the basic principles of environmental geochemistry controlling the mobility of pollutants in the environment, in relation to the fundamental properties of earth system dynamics. This will focus on the gaps in our understanding of mechanisms controlling partitioning in air, water and solid earth linked to the biosphere and human exposure. Research priorities may be identified which address the continued pressure on environmental systems and the role of different scientific and engineering disciplines in addressing the need to provide healthy and sustainable ecosystems.

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